Executive Panel: The Bridge Series – The New World Beckons – The #Phocuswright Conference 2022

The battle for travelers’ trust and loyalty has begun anew. OTAs are responding to demanding post-pandemic travelers’ needs by leveraging new technologies and creating new products. Titans and Trailblazers from across the globe bridge perspectives, ideas and solutions.


Mathias Hedlund
CEO, #Etraveli Group AB @etraveligroup6205

Caesar Indra
President, #Traveloka @traveloka

Brett Keller
CEO, @priceline

Damian Scokin
CEO, #Despegar.com Inc. @despegar

Pete Comeau
Managing Director, #phocuswright

Siew Hoon Yeoh
Founder, @WebinTravel-WiT and Editorial Director, Northstar Travel Group Asia

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