The Hotel Financial Coach Interviews The Godfather of Coaching

The Hotel Financial Coach interviews the incomparable Steve Chandler, the Godfather of Coaching. David and Steve discuss how better thinking, understanding, and action in hotel leaders, in turn, deliver superior results.

In this 1 hour interview David interviews Steve and they explore some of Steve’s best content. If you’re looking for ideas on personal performance, development and leadership you won’t want to miss this compelling exchange.


  • Agreements vs. Expectations
  • The How To vs. The Want To
  • What’s Doable – The 2% Solution
  • Testing vs. Trusting
  • Self-Concept
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • Is Your Company Culture Blame or Appreciation
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Shift Your Thinking
  • Owner Victim Distinction

At Hotel Financial Coach I help hotel leaders and teams with financial leadership coaching, webinars and workshops. Learning and applying the necessary financial leadership skills is the fast track to greater career success and increased personal prosperity. I significantly improve individual and team results with a proven return on investment.

Call or write today and arrange for a complimentary discussion on how you can create a financially engaged leadership team in your hotel.

Contact David at (415) 696-9593.

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