How ChatGPT will transform the travel industry – Let’s Hear It! A #PhocusWire LinkedIn Audio Event

Let’s Hear It! A @PhocusWire LinkedIn Audio Event
Episode 1: How ChatGPT will transform the travel industry

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For many years, artificial intelligence has been a powerful tool for stakeholders across the travel industry – from suppliers to intermediaries to those providing supporting technology for tasks such as revenue management.

But November 30, 2022 was a tipping point. That is the day OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a chatbot that has incredibly human-like communication skills – and that has, seemingly overnight, captured attention for its ability to do everything from compose music and essays to write computer programs and detailed travel itineraries.

What will ChatGPT – and other generative AI solutions such as Google’s recently announced Bard – mean for the travel industry? Could it transform the way consumers search and book travel?

Join us for PhocusWire’s debut LinkedIn Audio Event, February 23 at 11am EST, as we discuss this topic with three industry leaders:
– Paul English, #KAYAK co-founder and serial entrepreneur
– Rajesh Naidu, #Expedia Group’s senior vice president and chief architect
– Shane O’Flaherty, #Microsoft’s global director of travel, transportation and hospitality

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