Human Trafficking: Get Onboard and Make a Difference

The intent of this podcast is to educate our membership on the Human Trafficking in Canada from a Meeting Professional, Accommodation and law enforcement perspective in Canada. We will define human trafficking and outline who is at risk from whom and where. We will outline the key sectors that HT is found and what steps travelers can take to help and initiatives in place to improve the situation. We will review Canadian legislation around HT and how that can help. We review what types of questions that travel managers can add to their RFPs to ensure suppliers are getting onboard. Brought to you by the Canadian Transportation and Rick Committees   

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Host & Guest Info 

– Ashley Franssen-Tingley ( , The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking 

– Sandy Biback ( – Meeting Planners Against Human Trafficking 

– Marina Elsener – Fairmont Hotels 

– Cpl David Lane ( – RCMP 


Key Topics Discussed 

– Human Trafficking 

– Travel Safety 

– Risk Management 


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