HVS Seminar: Hotel Investment and the Role of Private Equity, April 2023

The UK and European hotel sector in the past year has enjoyed some phenomenal success – demand levels have risen, average room rates have increased and profitability has generally improved, albeit tempered by higher than normal cost increases, not least in terms of staffing and payroll, energy and other operating costs, giving rise to concerns about the impact of rising inflation and borrowing costs. Despite concerns that many hotels have not received sufficient investment in recent years it remains to be seen whether this could prompt a number being put up for sale, in some cases encouraged by their lenders who are seeking repayment of their loans. Notwithstanding this, the so-called ‘wall of money’ is still out there, with investors seeking acquisition opportunities and, so far, very few hotels coming to the market, especially in the more sought-after locations. How in particular does the private equity sector view the opportunities at present within the hotel sector? This webinar could therefore not come at a more auspicious time!

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