Is It Okay to Have a Cheat Day? Goal-Setting Advice from Wharton’s Marissa Sharif — Ripple Effect

Before you make any New Year’s resolutions, you’ll want to hear this science-based advice from Wharton’s Marissa Sharif. She explains why goal-setting is easier when you build in some cheat days, which she calls “emergency reserves.” This episode is part of a series on getting a “Fresh Start” this new year.

Topics and questions covered:
00:00 – Introductions
01:00 – Emergency Reserves in Goal Setting
04:46 – Psychology and Research Behind Emergency Reserves
07:51 – Self-control
09:00 – The Role of People Around You
10:00 – How Emergency Reserves Affect Stress
11:03 – Expanded Applications of Emergency Reserves
13:47 – How to Use Emergency Reserves in Your Own Life

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