Mitigating 2024 Corporate Hotel Rate Increases via Segment Convergence – Webinar sponsored by HRS.

Last year, travel programs faced challenging hotel procurement scenarios – and 2023/24 promises to be no different. To mitigate rate increases and drive more symmetry and transparency in hotel relationships, more buyers are using a convergence approach to hotel procurement. More programs are negotiating with hotels for multiple products, segments and services (e.g., room nights, meeting space, room blocks, or extended stay) at the same time to truly showcase their cumulative value. As per GBTA and HRS research issued this summer, most travel managers (54 percent) think their company would achieve greater process or savings efficiencies via convergence, while only one in 10 say they would not. This webinar will feature timely commentary from a respected travel program leader and a prominent hotelier, as well as fresh updates regarding negotiating trends for 2024 as the fourth quarter is underway. Join this engaging session to learn more about how your company can use convergence tactics to drive notable gains in data transparency, process efficiencies, and savings across your key segments.

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