The Evolution of Ground Transportation for Business Travel: Perspectives from European Business Trav

As business travel continues its evolution post-Covid, travel programmes must adapt travel policies that meet corporate goals and objectives as well as employee expectations. GBTA, in partnership with FREENOW for Business, will discuss the results of a recent survey of business travellers and travel managers in Europe. The study explores corporate mobility in Europe, focusing on seven markets: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Poland. The study is an update from the 2020 study sponsored by FREENOW for Business and will examine:
• What has changed in the past three years and what the future might hold
• The rise of sustainability in business travel
• The top challenges for business travel managers in 2023

Buyers and suppliers, regardless of where they live, will find this content highly relevant. This webinar will provide insights into the changing landscape of ground transportation, the role of sustainability in the mobility ecosystem and how business travelers and travel managers perceive ground transportation options.

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