What Can We Do to Narrow the Wealth Gap? | Wharton’s Kenneth Shropshire — Opportunity Matters

Wharton professor Keith Weigelt and President and CEO of Castle Oak Securities L.P. David R. Jones join host Kenneth L. Shropshire, faculty director of Wharton’s Coalition for Equity and Opportunity, to talk about the inequities in finance and financial wellbeing.

They discuss the racial wealth gap, and the role of access, opportunity, and education. Learn about the solutions Wharton is pursuing to address these disparities, and how business leaders and financial institutions like Castle Oak can contribute to closing the wealth gap. This interview is part of a special 4-part series called “Opportunity Matters.”

In this limited podcast series, we will highlight the intersection between Diversity, opportunity, and Inclusion within industries like healthcare, finance, sports, and entertainment—and their influence on the racial wealth gap. Through candid conversations led by Kenneth Shropshire, Sports Business, Law, and Society Expert, and Wharton CEO’s Faculty Director, we’ll explore how inequalities within these sectors contribute to economic disparities. These discussions will offer listeners an understanding of how fostering opportunity within these spaces plays a key role in closing the wealth gap. They will provide actionable strategies for creating more equitable systems, thereby positively impacting broader society.

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